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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Megapolis - a city building simulator where you can build the world's best metropolis. A true economic simulation game based on the rules of the market, Megapolis allows you to design your own city to your heart's content! Megapolis is fun for all the family - it doesn't matter how old you are or what type of player you are. Every decision is yours to make, as your peaceful town grows into a sprawling Megapolis. Once you start developing your own strategy, you'll be unstoppable!
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One of the most engaging simulation games, Megapolis Mod APK comes with stunning three-dimensional graphics and colorful pictures and images. By playing this megapolis you can consider yourself as a Mayor of the city that has the power to change the overall structure of the city. To make your city beautiful and splendid you can do whatever you want to do without restriction.

Further, with Mod APK of the megapolis game, you may make blueprints and maps for making buildings (including schools, laboratories, research labs, hospitals, railway tracks, shopping malls, gardens, and many more). In addition, you may unlock machines and tools that you may require to speed up your building construction process.

Additionally, through the free premium Mod version of megapolis APK, you may earn megabucks or coins/money that is used to purchase machines and tools or unlock new areas for construction. Moreover, you might unlock characters and seven hundred unique building structures too to make really fun and experience.

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Update of 2023

  • Build urban infrastructure
  • Advance scientific knowledge
  • Develop an industrial complex
  • Compete in state contests
  • Real-life buildings and monuments
  • Industrial Complex
  • State contests
  • Create realistic buildings and monuments

Megapolis APK Gameplay

The overall gameplay of Megapolis APK Mod is very easy. You take charge of this city’s development and want to make it beautiful and admirable. For this reason, you have to make strategies and manage resources. Firstly, make the basic buildings that need time including schools, colleges, universities, military houses, residential areas, and railway tracks. Then shopping malls, and research centers too.

In addition, you may unlock new machines that can speed up your construction process. And maps and blueprints of buildings are also offered to make buildings as you like. For your help, you may unlock characters that work as workers for you. Different tasks in the form of buildings are offered to you then you may earn megabucks, coins, and stars as a reward. Everything is at your finger’s touch.

New Admirable Features

For your encouragement and engagement here are some admiring features of the latest Megapolis game.

  • Three-Dimensional Graphics
  • Make infrastructure of the City
  • Unlimited Machines and Tools
  • Different Areas for buildings
  • Trade to Enhance Resources

Three-Dimensional Graphics

Firstly, let’s start with the graphics of Megapolis. The pictures and visual effects of this megapolis game are very stunning and realistic. Everything is three-dimensional in it. That’s why you get real experience as an administrator when working on different sites.

Make Infrastructure of the City

Further, The Megapolis Mod APK offers a vast area for development. So, firstly, you have to make the infrastructures of the city in which you decide when and where you will build malls, universities, research centers, factories, tourist points and grow crops. The maps/blueprints of everything are available. Seven hundred maps are provided to you.

Unlimited Machines and Tools

Moreover, in this construction game, you need machines and tools that speed up your construction process. So, you get unlimited new modded machines and tools that are huge in number and excellent in performance. Unlock them and enjoy them.

Different Areas for buildings

As a matter of fact, in starting you have less area for rebuild and reconstruction but you are permitted to unlock your preferred area with megabucks in this mod version. This makes you happier and makes your building faster.

Trade to Enhance Resources

Although your main objective in the megapolis game is construction, you need megabucks and money to unlock new machines and tools, so you can trade your agriculture items and other items that you make through factories. This enhances your construction resources.

Megapolis_Apk_Mod Version

Modified Features of Megapolis Mod APK

Modified features of the latest Megapolis APK Mod are formidable and joyful.

  • Unlimited Megabucks
  • Free Premium

Unlimited Megabucks/Coins

With the Mod Megapolis version, you can earn unlimited megabucks by completing different tasks including building construction and trading. You may unlock structures of buildings, buy machines and tools, unlock labor/workers, and many more.

Free Premium

Through the Megapolis free premium, you can double your joy. This free premium unlocked locked machines or tools, beautiful building structures, high-quality construction material, and many more items. Moreover, it permits you to participate in different tasks.

Download the Latest Megapolis Mod APK

As I revealed, this latest Megapolis APK Mod is free-to-download. You make unlimited fun with limitless megabucks and coins that unlock maps for new buildings and permit you to make infrastructure according to your priority and resources. Moreover, don’t need to worry about workers, tools, and machinery, just download and play.

So, Hurry up guys! Jump to the Google Chrome application for the original Megapolis game. In contrast, to Google Chrome you may download the Mod version free from here. Link offers in the download button. Download and Enjoy your Android handsets, iOS devices, Laptops, and PCs without getting late. Have fun with it.


In brief, This is the most engaging administrative game with three-dimensional graphics that give a realistic feel. You may bring the attraction of tourists by making the city more beautiful and splendid. You may make such infrastructure that increases the facilities for citizens and tourists. Build shopping malls, research labs, factories, railway tracks, military or citizens residents, universities, and tourist points in your city.

Apart from that, you may trade and increase your resources that are used to unlock new machines, tools, and new labor workers. In addition, when you complete one building then you get megabucks and coins that increase your excitement. With a megapolis free premium, you get to unlock every item or feature. So, Download Megapolis Mod APK and enjoy. Hopefully, you like this Information.

Frequently Ask Questions?

Do you need any roads in Megapolis Mod APK?

In the game, the main work is to make or build buildings. So, players will build different roads to explore the city.

Is the game played offline?

Yes! you can play it offline at any time and anywhere.

Can all the buildings be free to build?

Yes! in the mod version all the building materials are free and unlocked for users.

Who owns the Megapolis game?

Social Quantum is the owner of the Megapolis Mod APK.

What's new

The Trade Center opens its doors! Here you will be able to get the materials you need to produce goods in stores. Mines have appeared in the game. Set them up on the field to start mining raw materials, which will come in handy for completing orders.


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